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We Bought a Second House

We Bought a Second House

The Voglesong Family bought a second house in August 2019 and we are just getting started!

 John and I had moved in together pretty quickly once we started dating back in 2008. John owned a house with an in-law suite, which was always full and I was renting an apartment. It only made financial sense. We had at least 2 or 3 people living with us at any given point in time. We hadn’t actually lived “alone” together until about 3 years into our marriage and it didn’t last long.

 When everyone finally moved out and we had the house to ourselves we decided to renovate every square inch, top to bottom, of the house. My husband, John, is super handy and likes to do everything himself, which is good and bad. We tackled a multi-year renovation that changed the house from an “in-law” type house with two master bedrooms and 2 kitchens, to a one family. It was everything from putting up a support beam to painting and trim on every wall, patio and deck, kitchen and bathrooms, you name it, we did it. We finally completed our perfect house with a great location in West Hartford, CT. It was walking distance to the “center” with shops, restaurants and grocery stores. We loved it so much, but then our family grew and we needed more space.

We started to “look”, and our main requirements were: a basement, two car garage, big kitchen like we had, location and not a major renovation at this point in our lives.  We got a realtor and looked, but nothing spoke to us …Until my husband found a “new” construction in West Hartford and we quickly went to look. After seeing so many places, I knew this house was the one. The more we thought about it, the more excited we got, so we went back the next day ModafExpert. It was pretty much my style and had amenities. I liked all the finishes in the house, but wanted to put my personal style on it. We talked to the builder to see if we could add a few things within our price range. A few days later he had agreed to our additions and modifications.

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Fast forward to November and we are moved in and loving the space, but we have our laundry list of things, particularly decorating and furnishing the house. The advice I got, was don’t rush into buying things until you “live” in the space. Now that we have been here a few months I have my thoughts and want to take you along! You have to open every door and cub board, you have to listen for the house breath and get a feel for each space.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on decorating, putting things on the walls, adding texture to rooms and even re-doing some things (i.e. outside living)!

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