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Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

Our pantry can get unwieldy in a matter of weeks, so it is good to take the time to reorganize and take inventory of what you have. I had done some organization when we moved into our new house and bought most of this stuff in August, but a few months later and we have Halloween candy still floating about, opened bags of chips, random shaped boxes and expired food.

Here are some tips to organize your pantry:

  1. Start Clean: Empty your entire pantry and thoroughly clean it before you begin organizing. Starting fresh will help keep things organized longer and make you take a step back from where things are today.
  2. Take inventory: Make a list of your pantry staples and what you may have double of or running low in stock. When it is time to shop, take your list so you don’t keep buying the same things. Combine the items where you can if you have double.
  3. Categorize: Place like items together, like baking, cereals, canned goods, etc.
  4. Use Containers: Store food in baskets and bins to save space and eliminate the odd shaped boxes that take up space.
  5. Vertical Storage: If you can add some undershelf baskets or stackable storage options then you can create a lot more capacity going up in a shelf and don’t waste space.
  6. Label: Label each bin and shelf with the contents. Use this label maker or these cute chalkboard labels so you can change it out if items change.
  7. Make a Kid Friendly Spot: Fill the bottom part of the pantry with the kids snacks so they can help put away their own groceries or grab something when hungry.
  8. Keep it up: Your pantry can get disorganized after time and so each trip to the store, break down the boxes and put the snacks away in their basket or bin so you don’t spend time organizing again.

Hope this helped and kick starts some home organization while under lock down due to COVID-19.

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