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Kids Valentines Day Ideas

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other or spouse? What about with your kids? My parents always celebrated holidays, hallmark or not with us growing up and I think it is a fun excuse to get away and take a date night, but also get your kids involved. Even though Valentine’s Day is about chocolate and roses, I try to stay away from a ton of candy since they still have Halloween candy not eaten and get them “practical” gifts. Wanted to share a few ideas that your kids would still enjoy and save the candy for the classmates.

Idea 1: Use a fun box, bag or basket that you can stuff with their goodies:

  • This year I found these super cute cardboard hearts for $5 and they are way bigger than I thought, but I love them. I got the pink for my daughter and red for my son.

Idea 2: Buy practical things for the season upcoming:

  • Shoes: I also get them a pair of shoes for the upcoming season, so spring in this case and this year I bought some really cute loafers from Old Navy for Grace, but I LOVE Native shoes for kids for spring and summer.
  • Shirts: Lastly, I throw in a shirt or something for the upcoming season as well, like this neon sweater from Old Navy. 

Idea 3: Fill in with some toys

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  • My son loves cars and can’t get enough, so this year my husband bought these on amazon that are color changing.
  • Another idea are these hatchimals, I split them up between my two kids. They are really small, so be careful if you have young kids, they won’t stick them in their mouths.
  •  I also like art supplies for their gifts and love these paint sticks, no mess and easy to use.

Idea 4: Now add the candy for filler

  • I love chocolate for candy but find that my kids really like “gummy” candy so I try to find a “healthier” gummy option, like fruit snacks or these Haribo gummy bears.
  • These are fun valentines to pass out to class or day care “mates” or these!


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