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Boys: 1, Girls: 2…Tiebreaker

It took me a minute to comes to terms with the fact that we are having a THIRD baby. We have one son and one daughter, the perfect parent to child ratio. And one dog per child. They are a handful, armful, but they make our hearts full. We have new jobs and a new house, so …people ask us why?  And our response is, when we look at these beautiful beings we created, we realized that there was a certain (knowing) that we were not complete.

Pregnancy comes “easy” to me, relatively speaking, meaning I don’t get morning sickness and I typically feel pretty good with little aches and pains. Except for the fact that I get hypertension at 36 or 37 weeks, so while I am due at the end of July, chances are I will have this baby early to mid-July. I just got my body back after having Grace and to think about 2 years of my life dedicated to making and nourishing another baby, is overwhelming, but I know this child chose us.  

We do 2 kids pretty well (we think), maybe others think we are disorganized or frantic or overwhelmed, but we love the chaos. After we had George and Grace, I just couldn’t give up the baby clothes and toys. There was something in the back of my mind that made me feel like we weren’t complete. I can’t explain it, but you think about the baby stage being over and their small hands, soft skin and squeals of delight. I never said it out loud that I was done, or I wanted more, so we discussed quietly and decided to take the leap and go for it. And it happened! It happened very quickly.

We are excited to welcome the new baby and yes we will have to wait for a bigger table at restaurants, potensmedelapotek we will squeeze into our cars (or need to buy a new one) and we will lose our guest room, but we are gaining the missing piece to this family. We look forward to this new chapter in our lives, this is such a blessing.

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